United Premier: What to do if your flight is cancelled

United put me up in a hotel because my flight was canceled. I walked to the customer service desk near C18 as instructed but not to rebook my flight, I had already done that.

For united premier travelers when you call the united reservations desk with your personal cell phone they automatically recognize your number and route you to the right desk. Its amazing. You are literally talking to a person in under 60 seconds. Its my favorite thing about being a united premier traveler.

Access to a reservations agent so quickly has saved my skin so many times I can’t even count. Many premier travelers don’t even utilize this service! I don’t know why but when I went to the customer service desk I talked to a couple premiers in line who were on the same flight that got canceled and they said they were going to try and get on the first first next morning. You know, the one I was already booked on… In the absolute last seat!

This is a great example of why its sooo important to call united reservations with your personal cell phone as soon as your flight is cancelled. kept that to myself.

A lot of times they rebook you automatically so even if you don’t call you’ll be on another flight but I’ve found better ways home than what they auto-booked me on just talking to an agent for a couple minutes!

Pretzel bread burger on united domestic first

First class Houston to Seattle dinner consisted of two options. Five cheese ravioli and pretzel bread burger.

I opted for the burger. It came delightfully warm with just enough heat between the bun and burger to delicately melt the cheese once I put it on the patty. Lettuce tomato pickles ketchup mustard.

I paired it with a beer called lucky u IPA from Breckenridge brewery “fine Colorado ales” the color was to my liking. Amber with almost a hint of red. The flavor was hoppy and a bit nutty. It had a soft bite and a smooth finish. A bit frothy do be careful on the pour.

The salad consisted of fresh baby spinach a single cherry tomato posited with a single Mediterranean olive and fetta cheese. The dressing was a honey Dijon dressing which i found to be an odd pairing. I would have preferred a Greek dressing or a simple basalmic vinegar. Chewing that marvelous olive was diminished by the overly sweet salad dressing. Lucky for me the lucky u IPA did an excellent job of washing the taste of that dressing away!

For dessert we had a raspberry cheesecake 🍰. Delicious to the last and will paired with a glass of the red wine.

Well done united.