How to go through security like a pro

Minimize the number of hands you need

Buying the right bags is crucial if you are a frequent traveler. Knowing the routine is one thing but having the right tools is entirely something else.

Get a roller bag that is compatible with a backpack or briefcase that will slide into place. I’m using my trusty Briggs and Riley baseline 2 wheel domestic carry on with a Briggs and Riley leather backpack.

The backpack has a small sleeve where the handle slides up through it allowing the bag to rest snuggly on the roller bag no matter whether it is standing erect or at a diagonal.

For so many years I struggled with my backpack that did not have this sleeve. I would still keep my the same place but it would constantly fall off. This was one of my stressors.

Maximize space for other people

Most people that go to the airport are tourists. They aren’t used to it say in and day out. These people need more time than professional travelers. Not because we are smarter but for the simple reason that it is a routine for us. We are less likely to make mistakes if we are rushing or trying to figure things out because it’s not our first rodeo.

Giving people more space while going through the security line is crucial. A lot of people need a lot of space because they haven’t perfected the art of going through tsa security check points. This may not help you directly but it helps everybody go through security more expediently. If you show a good example to follow maybe other professionals will follow your lead.

I always stack my trays containing my laptop(s) with the top tray being my personal items. On the picture above I have for trays. Two for two laptops. One for a portable monitor and one for my personal items.

If you are a sane human being and only travel with one laptop then you only need two trays. One on the bottom for the laptop and one on the top for clothing, phones, accessories.

Know what you need

I know how many trays I need for what be packed before I go grab them. There is almost always wait time where I can do the math.

I know if I need to print a ticket or not. I know if I’m tea precheck or not and plan my route accordingly.

I put my wallet and cell phones and anything in my pockets for that matter in my back pack. This minimizes you rummaging around trying to find it in one of your trays. I’d its behind a zipper, it won’t get lost.