Don’t be too cool to look out the window

I travel a lot and I meet a lot of people that travel a lot while traveling. I sit next to them on airplanes or in lounges and one thing I’ve noticed is that they tend to find everything very mundane.

I’ve been traveling professionally for 12 years and I don’t find it mundane. Sometimes does it suck? Oh yeah but barring extenuating circumstances I enjoy traveling. Specifically, I enjoy flying.

On the airplane you’ve got a couple types of travelers: chatters, sleepers, and workers. Thereof definitely fluidity between these types. Immediately after we all take our seats everybody falls into their category.

To me this is a shame, not because I’m against sleepong, working or chatting on airplanes but because the seldom seen fourth type is so uncommon. Lookers. Lookers are so rare because they are usually under 8 years of age and lets be honest, this is a very narrow percentage of the air traveler population. Probably the most famous and infamous portion of the population but rare nonetheless.

Kids aren’t afraid to be caught looking out the window and we grown ups should take a lesson. Airplanes are cool.

The fact that there is a several ton hunk of metal rocketing 30,000 feet above the ground is pretty darn amazing and we adults totally take it for granted.

The views you can get from up in an airplane are amazing. Some people spend millions of dollars on a house that gets a downright crappy view compared to some I’ve seen in the air.

Its funny every time I go to take a picture of one of these epic views somebody else sneaks a shot in as well. its almost like because I made the first move, now its okay. I think this is the general negative cultural trait amongst the grown up population that is not cool to be impressed by things. At least in front of other people let alone strangers!

But I don’t care and you shouldn’t either! So go ahead and look out that window, soak it in and maybe snap a picture to make it last longer!

Here’s a shot I took of NYC while passing through today.