Stanford Grill

Found this place in Columbus, Maryland. The ahi tuna salad looked amazing but since I was in Maryland I felt like I should go to with the crab cake salad.

The salad was everything Avacado was everything I was expecting and more. The heat from the crab cake balanced the coolness of the salad. The avacado was delicious and was an excellent compliment to the salad which tasted almost like salsa rather than s salad. The grapefruit added some sour to the mix and was an odd but welcomed addition to the medley.

Phillips Seafood @ BWI

Pretzel sticks with crab and artichoke dip. Very cheesy, delicious but very heavy. Pretzel bread was awesome but not enough to finish the dip. They charged me $1.50 for another pair.

Crab cake bites topping fried calamari served with a zesty Asian and more traditional tartar sauces. I am not a huge fan of fried calamari but the crab cake bites were great. The zesty Asian sauce saved the fried calamari for me.

I typed it of with Phillips amber lager which was full bodied amber. Good taste but a bit to heavy for me given what I was eating.

Sushiko On Mondays

Best place for sushi on Mondays. They have a great deal on assorted specialty roles and drinks.

Great roll deal. We like sticking to the specialty rolls. However, I do like the spicy tuna and abacado hand roll.

We always order a lot. It looks like way too much but somehow it always gets finished!

Volcano down the middle, spicy tuna, cucumber, topped with avocado, spicy crab salad, crunchy

California on the right side

Caterpillar on the left, spicy tuna, cucumber, topped with avocado, masago

Spider…soft shell crab, Spicy crab, avocado, cucumber, masago

Pretzel bread burger on united domestic first

First class Houston to Seattle dinner consisted of two options. Five cheese ravioli and pretzel bread burger.

I opted for the burger. It came delightfully warm with just enough heat between the bun and burger to delicately melt the cheese once I put it on the patty. Lettuce tomato pickles ketchup mustard.

I paired it with a beer called lucky u IPA from Breckenridge brewery “fine Colorado ales” the color was to my liking. Amber with almost a hint of red. The flavor was hoppy and a bit nutty. It had a soft bite and a smooth finish. A bit frothy do be careful on the pour.

The salad consisted of fresh baby spinach a single cherry tomato posited with a single Mediterranean olive and fetta cheese. The dressing was a honey Dijon dressing which i found to be an odd pairing. I would have preferred a Greek dressing or a simple basalmic vinegar. Chewing that marvelous olive was diminished by the overly sweet salad dressing. Lucky for me the lucky u IPA did an excellent job of washing the taste of that dressing away!

For dessert we had a raspberry cheesecake 🍰. Delicious to the last and will paired with a glass of the red wine.

Well done united.

Hyatt regency club breakfast snackery

The Hyatt regency in Delhi has a quite posh regency club. In the morning you will find it stocked with all sorts of goodies that are free to take. Most are standing at the ready but they do have a daily special of made-to-order items.


Fresh juices and milk

Precut fruits and yogurt

Cold meats

Table items

Assorted pastries

Fresh breads


Salad bar

Cereal and fruit

Hot stuff

Khandvi. Chutney flavor almost like mustard. Half way through it reminded me of a deviled egg. Thought it was warm but served cool.

Hyatt regency club Indian and western breakfast options

Here are some of the made to order breakfasts at the Hyatt regency Delhi.

Uttapam. Rice flour pancake, onion, tomato, green chili, chutney, samba

Chewy and soft with just a very light crispy texture. Peppery flavor complimented by the tomato chutney for a fiery finish or the coconut chutney for a cool and calming finish.

French cinnamon toast

Apple compote, maple syrup, whipped cream

Light and flakey. Chewy with added crunch of the crusted sugar. Can cut with the side of my fork.