United Club EWR C Concourse Concourse

The one with the glass bowl view of the food court down below

Seats are tough to find and the food is awkwardly setup around the bar where bottlenecks in foot traffic are easy.

Food options are healthier

Mixed greens with chickpeas and a very tasty s salsa. I don’t even use salad dressing as the salad is already quite flavorful!

two soup options

Italian wedding

not my favorite of soups. It tasted a lot like chicken noodle soup. Very salty. The meatballs are a welcome addition but from my experience they are hard to come by in real life as most people try and grab as many as they can when they serve themselves.

Southwestern vegetarian chill

I added some tortilla chips and parmesan cheese. It was really good. Zesty flavor and hearty beans and vegetables.