Puri paji: Deep fried Indian bread

Back at the Hyatt regency in new Delhi. Puri paji. Deep fried Indian bread and potato curry.

soft but crispy exvelleny for dipping.

when I am traveling abroad sometimes I get “the tummy troubles”. It could be the new environment or the radical change in diet but one thing calms my stomach down and is readily available at most Indian hotels.

One part pineapple juice (preferably canned) and one part sprite. My breakfast cocktail. The hotel staff love to bring you fresh unmanned not-from-concentrate fresh pineapple juice but that will bubble up in an outrageous way when you introduce it to sprite. Impressive and fancy but no good for mixing!

Hyatt regency Delhi

First plate included a mix of veg and non-veg options.

Lamb curry . So tender meat pulled easily of the bone. At with hands. Sauce mixed with white rice to leave a tasty compliment after the lamb chunks. Good to mix with my naan.

Lamb seekh Kanab. Very soft and tender almost like a sausage. Slight spiced after taste. Quite yummy!

Afghani chicken tikka. Tender most mild spices almost a minty lime flavor. Very succulent.

Fish Amritsari. Tender and delicate breaded  almost like a fish stick. Nutty flavor infused with gentle cayan pepper twist.

Tandori Alpo. Onion garlic. Breaded exterior almost like a donut hole. Small potato with pleasant onion garlic flavoring.

Malai broccoli medium done with a mix of fresh and waiters flavor. Almost a parmaseen flavoring.

Hariyali pander tikka. Green sauce. Solid texture like cheese curd. Hint of lime. Gives it a filling yet refreshing finish.


Mutton shoribar, mint leaves green coriander. Hearty meaty flavor. Salty with a hint of spice but no more. Clean and light water based soup. cutting zip of coriander. Small flecks of mutton to add texture and an occasional chew. Very soft and tender. Excellent flavor and heat. I drank from the bowl it was so good.

Egg plant bangan, onion and tomato gravy and yogurt. Extremely flavorful gravy. Non spicy but adynamic abd complex. Egg plant was a bit under cooked. Combination was pleasant. Eggplant giving a stable hearty base to the dynamic and robust gravy.

Murgh korma. Creamy chicken. Tender chicken in a light gravy. Pepper onion and a light gravy adds a pleasant flavor to the tender and moist chicken.

Fish curry. Coconut milky gravy. Reminds me of a Thai yellow curry. Fish is de boned and fabulously tender. Probably my favorite thing on the menu.
Kadhi pakora. Gram flour yogurt. Smooth and buttery sauce. Black pepper large chunks add flavor. Almost like a dumpling but with a gritty texture and yogurt flavor.

Pander butter. Not Spicy. Tomato based flavor. Mixed with the yogurt reminds me of a tomato bisque soup except solid. Quite delicious.

Chicken curry. Extremely tender. Good flavoring. Mix with rice or choice of breads.

Malayi soya chaap.soya cream pepper. Minced Garlic gave the sauce good texture and flavor. Rather bland.

Ordered fresh garlic naan. Personal favorite. Added Dahl to go with.
Two small beers included. 1750 Inr.