Natalie’s Candy Jar: Sweet spot in IAH B Concourse

In Houston international airport (IAH) there is an awesome candy shop where you can get just about anything. Natalie’s Candy Jar. Great place.

Most airports just have your typical sweets and gum so this is an extra special treat.

Their wall of jelly beans is awesome. I recently came back from a trip to universal studios where we went to Harry Potter world. We picked up some Bertie botts every flavor bean and bought a pound of jellies from Natalie’s to add some diversity and make the truly disgusting flavors from Bertie botts every flavor beans a little more rare.

Natalies has a little bit every everything from Gummi crocodiles to Mega bruiser jaw breakers, from (one of my personal favorites) Swedish fish to Candy blox.

They also have a decent assortment of nuts in case you want to make your own medley.

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