Must See Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market

After breakfast at Sushidai, exploring the grounds of the fish market is a must!


There is aisle after aisle of work benches, containers, and stacks of boxes, crates empty or full of the day’s cargo.

It can all be a bit overwhelming but if you’re a seafood fan or just appreciate the colorful flora and fauna of our oceans it’s pretty exciting seeing all the sights! It gives me a bit of a feeling of being in a Muggle version of Diagon Alley.

Be mindful as you traverse the narrow corridors, the workers are well trained but some wield huge samurai swords that they use to carve the larger of the catch of the day.


“Help! There’s been some sort of mistake!”


In case you can’t figure out what something is there are often helpful visual aids. If your Japanese is a bit rusty, it’s pretty easy to tell these are some sort of fish eyes!

My last bit of advice?


Watch out for trucks!

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